Sanctified: Chapter 2- Switch Sider

Fosco folded the letter, put
It in his left pocket, and carried
On with stuffing his suitcase, resolve
Spread across his face. His partner walked
Into the bedroom, his arms crossed in
Defiance. “You’re just leaving,” Nick cried,
“Because some sister I never heard
Of writes to you about some kid show.”
Fosco sighed and said, “I told you I
Had a traumatic past.” Nick glared and
Said, “Must’ve been horrendous seeing that
We’ve spent countless nights talking about
Our favorite foods and crazy nights in
College, Nene Leakes’ newest hairdo,
And not once did you mention you have
A sister.” Fosco shoved a t-shirt
Into his suitcase and said, “I didn’t
Tell you I went to prison either.”
Nick’s jaw dropped, his eyes swelling with fear.
“Who are you?” Nick cried and grabbed Fosco’s
Arm. “I’m sorry,” Fosco whispered, “I
Didn’t mean to drag you into my mess.”
“I love you,” Nick cried, “I’ll always be
In your mess.” He grabbed Fosco and kissed
Him deeply. Fosco pulled away, zipped
His suitcase and said, “I have to go.”

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