Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 4)

Sedequa kicked the slimy monster
In the knee as it dashed straight at her.
She shot one of its long bony hands
And it screeched in terror. One of its
Puppets kicked the gun out of her hand
And punched her in the cheek. He squeezed her
Sword in both hands; she did not like that.
Sedequa swung the long stinger and
Challenged the puppet pretending to
Wield her weapon. He blocked one blow,
Then two. Sedequa spun round and
Slashed the puppet’s calf; he screamed out
And Sedequa kicked him in the chest.
The sword flew across the cabin. Sue
Continued shooting ng until no one
Still stood but her, Sedequa, and the
Monster. Sedequa raced to pick up
The sword. She snatched it up and turned to
The beast. “You ain’t ready for this.” She
Tossed the stinger to Dustin and chopped
The tooth-belly monster down. It swung
Its bony hands over her head and
She sliced it clear off. With her sword
In her possession it stood no chance.
She was covered in green blood with one
Thought on her mind; she was the baddest.

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