Sanctified: Chapter 16- Beasties + Baddies (Part 2)

There was something there, in the blond man’s
Eyes, something that Fosco recognized;
Regret and the guilt that comes along
With feeling it, but Fosco didn’t care,
He stopped forgiving and coddling
Stupid white boys years ago, before
He spent a year in prison, before
He let a white boy mess up his life.
It was a hot summer night when he
First fell in love with a guy, Adam
Vushay. He and his older brother Virgil
Stopped at Fosco’s mother’s motel on
Road trip through the Pacific North-
West. His gorgeous brown eyes made Fosco’s
Knees twitch. When he walked into the lobby
Fosco’s throat closed up and he forgot
How to breathe. “One king or two queens?” his
Sister asked as Adam smiled his way.
“Two queens,” he said, biting his lip and
Leaning over the counter; he brushed
His dirty blonde hair out of his face
And said, “You know any cool places
Around here where I can find cute boys
And good music?” Sedequa elbowed
Fosco in the gut. “I know a few.”
“I could use a tour guide,” Adam said.

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