Sanctified: Chapter 16- Beasties + Baddies (Part 3)

One corny ass line had Fosco vexed.
He spent two wild weeks dancing, drinking,
And screwing his curly-hair brains out,
The most fun he had since before he
Came out to his ad and got kicked out.
Fosco and Sedequa grew up with
Their dad in Grande Ronde; they didn’t move in
With their mom until Sedequa turned
Eighteen, Fosco was twenty when
He finally tracked down Melita.
They worked at her motel trying to
Reconnect with their mother, slow work.
Adam must have seen how lost Fosco
Felt, like he was watching a drive-in
Movie and his radio was tuned
All the way up to max. Fosco could
Never forget the night he let that
Bitch catch his ass slipping; caught up.
“I’ll never let anyone hurt you,”
Adam whispered into Fosco’s ear,
“You’re the only thing making this trip
Worth it. I can’t stand Virgil; he’s just
Like out dad, vicious and controlling.”
Fosco wanted to protect his love,
Clueless to the dangerous cost of
Falling for a serial killer.


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