Sanctified: Chapter 16- Beasties + Baddies (Part 4)

Goodbye kisses and champagne marked their
Last night together. Adam had caused a
Big scene by the motel pool, screaming at
Virgil, but he was not the type to
Back down and when he responded with
His fists against Adam’s cheeks and chin,
Fosco leaped up and knocked his ass down.
A dozen guests and staff witnessed and
Heard Fosco yell, “Touch him again and
I’ll kill you.” He played right into that
Evil bitches plan like a hawt damn
Sock puppet. He woke the next morning
Covered in blood, the Popo banging
On his door, and Adam vanished in
Thin air. Virgil dead, Fosco framed. It
Devastated him but Sedequa
Was his saving grace, she saw Adam
Carrying a large dripping bag to
Fosco’s room during the time of the
Murder, but before the trial she
Vanished too. After fourteen months in
Prison, new evidence cleared his name.
His mom and lawyer were the only
People on his side, his support team.
So he didn’t forgive or kill those men
But he did give them a mighty scare.

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