Sanctified: Chapter 16- I’m Not Dead (Part 4)

For a split second Sedequa blinked
And let her mind fall into utter
Oblivion. She could not see her
Future and the guilt she harbored for
The last six years washed away into
The mythos of creatures beyond time,
Beyond civilization, beyond
Regret and betrayal as the tall
Needle-fingered monster roared and screeched
Above her, starving for her flesh and
Bone. Sedequa caught a glimpse of peace,
And it made her esophagus burn.
She did not regret killing Adam;
She felt no guilt for smashing his head
In after he tried to strangle her.
She would gladly do it again. That
Bastard framed her brother, then tried to
Kill her before she could testify.
She had to get rid of the body,
She had to go on the run. No one
Knew the truth, the only regret she
Held onto was leaving her brother
Without help, without answers, without
Hope. Sedequa would be damned if she
Left the Earth before seeing Fosco
So she kicked the beast in the groin—rage.

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