Sanctified: Chapter 17- I’m Not Dead (Part 1)

“You didn’t have to come back for me.” The
Words seemed as mythological as
The monsters that turned from statues of
Ancient times and myths into flesh and
Bone. They dripped from Dustin’s cracked lips like
Tall tales, meant to tap into wicked
Realities and questionable
Moral lessons. “Of course the hell I
Did,” Sedequa relied, “We’re in this
Together.” Awkward introductions
And half-promises of safety filled
The air as Sedequa led Sue,
Dustin, and the four hostages through
The Portland wilderness, searching
For and hoping to men the past so
That the future would be worth fighting
For. “What makes you so sure that your big
Brother will be there when we get to
Their place?” One of the hostages asked.
“I don’t know, Pat, its psychic
Intuition or maybe it’s the
Same damn thing that caused me to bust through
A window in the middle of a
Monster invasion to save your ass,”
Sedequa snapped. Pat apologized.
They all froze as the motel appeared.

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