Sanctified: Chapter 17- I’m Not Dead (Part 2)

The motel sat silent and untouched
Maybe they were blessed and the evils
Of the past were banished from that place,
Unable to touch them as soon as
They cross into its pull. The air felt
Different, calm, safer. Or maybe
It was the tension of finally
Arriving at their destination.
“The dining room is the safest place,”
Sedequa suggested, “The kitchen
Should still be stocked, even on the off
Season, mom always kept canned foods that
She could do wonders with; nobody
Could tell the difference.” Sedequa turned
Toward the left end of the small lot.
Sue and Dustin followed in silence.
The sun began setting as they walked
To room 302. Sedequa took
A long , soft breath before twisting the
Doorknob and pushing it open. A
Sweet gust of wind brushed over her as
She stepped into the empty room. Sue
Closed the door behind her and said, “was
This his room?” Sedequa’s eyes darted
To the ceiling and she nodded. She
Walked to the window as glass shattered.

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