Sanctified: Chapter 17- I’m Not Dead (Part 3)

A needle-fingered monster bust through
The window and tackled Sedequa
To the floor. The monster was quickly
Joined by three other creatures. Sue pulled
Out one of her pistols and went to
Town on two of them. Dustin squeezed his
New stinger-blade and rushed the third beast;
It had four heads, each in the shape of
A different wild animal, a
Jackal, a snake, a lion, and a
Tiger. Each one more vicious and starved
For flesh. Sedequa struggled to get
To her feet. She covered her face with
Her arms as the needle-fingered one
Slashed and thrashed above her. Sue emptied
Her pistol into one beast before
Its friend slammed her through the closet door.
Dustin managed to slice off two of
The four-headed beast’s heads, his stinger
And his face dripping in green blood. The two
Heads that were left roared and the monster
Kicked Dustin in the chest and went full-
On rampage mode around the room. Their
Calm oasis taken over in
Mere moments, just like six years prior
When Sedequa’s life first exploded.

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