Sanctified: Chapter 17- I’m Not Dead (Part 5)

Sedequa jumped to her feet and stomped
On the needle-fingered beast daru=ing
It to try and get back up. She kicked
Up her sword and sliced one of its
Arms clean off. It screeched then managed to
Swipe Sedequa across the room with
Its other arm. She dropped her sword and
Landed on the bed. The other two
Monsters joined their needle-fingered friend
And surrounded Sedequa, tongues and
Teeth slobbering for a taste of her.
She pushed herself back against the wall,
Refusing to close her eyes and shrink
Back to Oblivion; she’d never
Give anything that satisfaction.
The beasts drooled and grimaced over her.
She raised her chin and said, “Come get me.”
The beast missing two heads began its
Strike only to squeal as Fosco rammed
His tooth-dagger through its back; it oozed
Green blood and plopped to the floor—sizzle.
“You didn’t think I’d miss this,” Fosco winked.
Sedequa’s face detonated like
Fourth of July and new years, grinning.
Sh kicked the best on her right, grabbed her
Sword, and joined her brother in battle.

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