Sanctified: Chapter 17- I’m Not Dead (Part 6)

Swords, teeth, claws clash, whooping as in their
Monster bash. Three more creatures busted
Into the motel room, no match for
The bedlam Sedequa and Fosco
Conjured with their reunion showdown.
Heads, limbs, guts, and green good painted the
Room when the siblings finished the last
Creature. Dustin and Sue were banged up
But alive. “She’d go to the end of
The earth for you,” Dustin said. “So work
Out your shit,” Sue added, as she pulled
Dustin out of the room. Covered in
Green slime and entrails, Sedequa and
Fosco stood in silence for ions,
Opening his mouth in slow motion.
“I killed Adam,” Sedequa confessed,
“I didn’t know what else to do but run.”
“Did he hurt you?” Fosco asked. She looked
At her feet and said, “He sure tried to.
I should’ve stayed and testified for you.
I’m sorry for making you hate me.”
Fosco threw his arms around her, tight.
“I never hated you,” Fosco said.
He wiped his eyes and collapsed onto
The bed. Sedequa joined him, wrapped her
Arms around him, and never let go.

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