Sanctified: Chapter 11: Wield It Like Its Yours

Sedequa raised her sword, nice and slow,
Her gaze trapping the feathery beast.
“Come and get you a piece, she challenged.
It must have recognized the look in
Her eyes, or maybe it was the way
     She wielded her sword that made the beats
     Shriek in terror and fly away. “Dang,”
     Sedequa huffed, her arm twitching as
     She lowered her sword. The man behind
     Her turned her around and said, I know
A safe place to take shelter.” She shook
Her head. “My brother’s expecting me
In Portland.” Sedequa replied, not
Concerned with explaining it further.
“This ain’t the time for no damn road trip,”
     The man argued. Sedequa swung her
     Sword in front of her and said, “Do what
     You must, I can take care of myself.”
     “Damn,” the man frowned. “Well you’re the one with
     The holy blade these things seem to be
          Terrified of so I’ll stick with you.”
          Sedequa grinned and said, “Teamwork sounds
          Great, with dozens of these things loose out
          There, the Trek to Portland may be wild.”
          “Lead the way,” he said, “By the way, I’m
Dustin.” “Call me Sedi.” Time to leap.

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