Sanctified: Chapter 8- Wings and Fangs

Fosco did not stop slamming his big
Copper-colored luggage until he was
Sure the monster would not get back up.
    Green slime and sweat all over his face
    Fosco looked up at the stoned-terror
    Faced stragglers who failed to make it
Out of the airport lobby in time.
“I’m sticking with him,” a teen girl said,
Pointing to Fosco and jumping right
    Behind him as more beasts crossed through the
    Shattered windows. “We gotta get some
    Place safe, with walls and doors,” a man with
        Slick black hair proclaimed. Fosco wiped the
        Green slime from his forehead and said, “This
        Way.” The teen girl behind him bent down
    And picked up one of the fangs from the
    Monsters smashed head, slipping it into
    Her pocket as she followed Fosco
And the other nine survivors up
The escalator “Stay close,” he said.
He wielded his luggage like it was
     A holy blade that only he was
     Worthy of possessing—compelling.
     A beast with horns along its spine jumped
In front of them. Fosco sprang up quick,
Uppercutting it with his suitcase.

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